The contemporary city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, boasts more than its fair share of high-end spas, from the latest in facial rejuvenation, to Indigenous hot stone massage, to hot-cold body treatments.


Whether you indulge in a full day’s pampering, or only have time for a one-hour massage, an exceptional spa treatment will make every moment feel like forever. Wrap yourself in a fluffy white robe, shut out the lively energy of the city, quiet your mind, and allow yourself to drift away. Here are five ways to soak, steam, and pamper your way to total wellness in Winnipeg. 


Riverstone Spa

This luxurious wellness sanctuary is nestled in the heart of the city at the The Forks, a traditional meeting point for locals, where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers converge. Only in Winnipeg can you experience what it’s like to be massaged by warm volcanic basalt and jade stones that have been energized during the full moon, under a prairie sky. The Riverstone Spa’s Indigenous Hot Stone Massage incorporates local culture with this ancient healing ritual to ease tense muscles and a weary mind.


Urban Oasis Mineral Spa

The therapeutic benefits of soaking in the Dead Sea can be found right here in Winnipeg. Take a soak in the mineral pool at the  Urban Oasis Mineral Spa, inside the Clarion Hotel, where the total salt concentration is 10 times higher than ocean water. Just half an hour of floating will restore you to wellness inside and out, but don’t leave just yet. Immerse yourself in the full spa experience with a pedicure, facial, or massage.


Pocca Poca Spa

Ever heard of ‘silky smooth sweat’? Yes, it’s a thing. At Pocca Poca Spa, Winnipeg’s first Japanese-style spa, seemingly magical stones will be placed on your body, generating a special ‘silky sweat’ that emits no odour or stickiness. In fact, it’s recommended you don’t bathe after the treatment, but merely pat dry, to benefit from the moisturising properties of this superior sweat. This is all part of the Ganban-yoku thermal experience where distinct stones are chosen for their ability to naturally emit far-infrared rays and negative ions. These rare stones warm the body at the cellular level, boosting the immune system and easing muscular pain. Fans of Gaban-yoku compare it to relaxing on the beach on a sunny day. What’s not to love?


Thermea by Nordik Spa-Nature 

Lose yourself in the twinkling fairy lights adorning the snowy trees as you float blissfully in the outdoor hot pools at Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature. Roast in the sauna, step into the cold, and then indulge in a treatment for the ultimate rejuvenation for mind, body and spirit. Dedicate a full day to immerse yourself in the entire Thermal Experience, and don’t miss the Aufguss ritual. The latest in Finnish spa treatments, Aufguss refers to the practise of water infused with essential oils poured onto heated stones for a blast of vapourised wellness. It’s the ultimate aromatherapy that will leave you walking on air.


Elkhorn Resort’s Solstice Spa

Ready to take pampering to the next level? Just 260 kilometres from Winnipeg, the Elkhorn Resort, Spa & Conference Centre is ideal for a full weekend dedicated to sheer indulgence. Book in to the Solstice Spa for a soak in the Equinox Mineral Pool, choose from spa treatments ranging from facials to eyelash extensions, and then feast on locally-produced farm-to-fork fare at the Buffalo Bar. Best of all, soak up the natural serenity of more than 3000 square kilometres of pristine boreal forest and hike the trails of the bordering Riding Mountain National Park. Sometimes, a dose of Mother Nature is the greatest way to unwind.

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