The Arctic is humbling, vast, even overwhelming – but it’s far from empty. Come and explore its incredible animals and marine life, from polar bears to belugas.


Here’s an introduction to some of the captivating wildlife you can meet on an Arctic safari in northern Manitoba.

Polar Bears - Credit: Churchill Wild/Terry Elliott

Polar Bears


The king of the northern animals, the polar bear is a majestic and powerful creature. Seeing a polar bear roaming free in the wild is one life experience you will never forget.


Northern Manitoba is home to Churchill, one of the few towns in the world where polar bears can be observed in the wild. They are particularly prominent in October and November when they begin the journey from their summer habitat on the tundra back to where pack ice forms over the Hudson Bay. Churchill lies on this migratory path, providing endless opportunities for polar bear viewing. It’s little wonder thousands of visitors from across the globe visit each year.

Beluga Whales


Few things in life can compare to seeing a pod of sparkling white beluga whales as they dive and circle around you. With Hudson Bay home to over 57,000 belugas at certain points during the year, the sheer number of whales will leave you mesmerised.

Caribou - Credit: Churchill Wild



Witness the power of a herd of caribou thundering across the tundra in northern Manitoba. The Schmok Lake region, near the Nunavut border, is home to the largest caribou migration in North America. This area is the best place to see the impressive caribou in vast numbers as they move across the plains, trying to steer clear of predatory wolves along the way.

Arctic Fox


One of the most beautiful animals in the north, the arctic fox has developed a thick white coat that blends with its environment to aid in hunting and evading its predators, such as the polar bear. The arctic fox is so well adapted to its environment that it won’t start shivering until temperatures reach -34° C. It doesn’t have to be that cold for you to see one of these amazing animals in its natural habitat, but you will need to venture onto the wild tundra, where Arctic foxes are abundant. Even with their superior camouflage, there is a very good chance you will capture a photograph of these furry white locals – an incredible moment preserved in time.


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